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The Memorial Fund was created more than 60 years ago by a group of dedicated parishioners with the intention to directly purchase or facilitate the procurement of religious articles for the beautification, enhancement, and maintenance of the interior of our church. The initial appropriations were for the Nave, Sanctuary, and Narthex. However, as funds grew, and with the approval of the Memorial Committee, additional projects and articles were considered in order to ultimately improve the entire physical structure of the church and enhance the experience of church attendance. As well as providing direct funding, the Memorial Committee often acts as an intermediary to channel individual and group donations to the desired undertaking. The committee members communicate with the church Board of Trustees in order to finalize and move forward on all projects. Some of the committee workers have the dual responsibility as Trustee participants, which further aids in the seamless integration of the approval process.

Historically, the contributions to the Memorial Fund have been gathered primarily through donations on behalf of deceased members of the community. Any individual or organization may send a gift and no set amount is required. Often family members of the deceased acknowledge the Memorial Fund in an obituary and ask that contributions be directed there. All such monies given to the Memorial Fund are expressed in a letter of gratitude to the donor and the deceased’s family.

The Memorial Tree is a special work of art and another manner in which we may honor our deceased loved ones. The piece was crafted by Sanford Werfel Studios in New Jersey to perpetuate the memories of our lost parishioners. The Tree consists of brass plates for Stones at the base of the Tree, Leaves which arise from its many branches, and Doves which hover above. A donation again is made to the Memorial Fund, but specifically it is to purchase one of the aforementioned. The names are engraved on the plates along with the date of their passing. Anyone wishing to acquire a Stone, Leaf, or Dove for the Tree may contact the church office at (732) 463-1642 or any of the committee members.

Since its inception, the Memorial Committee has been responsible for the acquisition of many church items including the iconostasis, our beautiful stained glass windows, the colorful murals, the pews, the biblical wooden artwork in the Narthex, and our wooden interior and exterior doors. In addition, other projects enabled us to realize a new organ and supplement the cost of new robes for the choir, as well as updates and renovations to the church office, coatroom, and the Memorial Room itself. Many new projects are underway and in the design phase. Images of our past and recent undertakings may be seen on this site for your review.

We are constantly seeking to improve both esthetically and functionally any areas of our church. To this end, all donations to the Memorial Fund are greatly appreciated and will help us to achieve our goals for the improvement of the St. George Community.

Your Committee Members Thank You.
Very Reverend Father Nektarios Cottros, John Blazakis, Evangeline Emanuel, Emanuel Manioudakis, John Millas, Dean Solomos, James Solomos and John Stroumtsos

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