The MACEDONIAN ASSOCIATION OF NEW JERSEY “ALEXANDER THE GREAT” was formed after the big march in Washington DC, in 1992, when thousands of Greek Americans and Philhellenes united to raise their voices against the misrepresentation and falsification of history regarding the name MACEDONIA.

«Η ΜΑΚΕΔΟΝΙΑ ήταν, είναι και πάντα θα είναι Ελληνική»

“MACEDONIA was, is and always will be Greek” is the historical fact that started the Macedonian Association of NJ “Alexander the Great” and for almost thirty years its members have worked towards communicating this fact and promoting, nurturing and celebrating our Greek Culture, Religion and Ethos.

  • Every year, the Macedonian Association of NJ “Alexander the Great” is one of the sponsors of the Saint George Greek Orthodox Church of Piscataway participation in the annual Parade in NY, in honor of the Greek Independence Day (March 25, 1821,) as well as a sponsor of the annual Saint George community Festival.
  • The Macedonian Association of NJ “Alexander the Great” is the main sponsor of the second National Greek Holiday, the Commemoration of October 28, 1940, in our community.
  • The Macedonian Association has organized or co-organized many cultural and educational events over the years, like concerts, lectures, Greek theater productions and many more.
  • In addition, the Macedonian Association of NJ “Alexander the Great” supports the Modern Greek Studies Program at Rutgers, the State University of NJ. We are looking forward to continuing these efforts and we welcome your support.

If you are interested in learning more about the Macedonian Association of NJ “Alexander the Great” or in becoming a member, please contact via email: 

Evie Georgopoulos: 
Demetrios Arhontoulis:

We salute the Bicentennial of the Greek Revolution for Independence  200 Years: March 25, 1821 – March 25, 2021