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The St. John Chrysostom Oratorical Festival was held on Sunday, March 21. See More »  See Results »  See Photos »

Dear Parents and Members of our St. George Community,

On behalf of Father Nektarios and the Catechism staff, we would like to thank you for your support in providing an Orthodox Christian foundation of faith and values to our children. We are very proud of our Catechism program, and our volunteer staff. We want to express our deep gratitude to all our staff members for their efforts, dedication and perseverance.
The curriculum we follow each Sunday was developed by the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America Department of Religious Education. It is accompanied with participation in our Divine Liturgy and liturgical hymnology, and involvement in charity projects that are organized throughout the year.

During the 2021-22 year all Sunday School Classes will be conducted virtually using Zoom.

Please contact the Church Office to obtain the contact information (email, phone number) of the teacher\class you are interested your child(ren) to participate and specific class logistics will be provided including  a Zoom link and class time (see below Grade\Class and Teachers). 

Sunday School will not be held between Christmas and New Year, Holy Week and the week of the annual festival.

Register your children for the 2021-22 Catechism year. More »

2021 - 2022 St. George Catechism Program Staff Directory
(As 05/09/21)


Head Administration

Paul Stevens -

Cradle Room

Nursery Chrisoula Kalogridis -
  (In-person classes)

Pre-K Helen Sirimis -
  Naomi Bourodimos - magyaranyu3@yahoo,com
Kindergarten Leah Petsanas -
& 1st Grade Georgia Lambros -
2nd Grade Evangelia Kontos -
& 3rd Grade Christin Heiden -
  Irene Rompos -
4th Grade Sandy Kalogridis -
  Rozy Xidias -

5th Grade Andreas Savva -
  James Solomos - solomosjames@yahoo,com

6th Grade Eleni Apostolakis -
  Katerina Theodosiou -
7th Grade Maria Boyadjis - mboyadjis1@yahoo.cp,
  Athinoulla Bizos -
8th Grade Lemonia Malahias-Miko -
  Lambros Bourodimos -
9th Grade Maggie Stavrianidis -
  Theodore Vaskopoulos -
High School
10, 11, 12

Mary Christodoulou -
Peter Combates -

Music Louise Lambros -
Maria-Regina Caputo -

Ted Lambros -

Treasury Georgia Peterson -


You will note that we are in need of teacher assistants. If you interested in volunteering your time or talents, you may e-mail us at or speak to any one of us on Sunday morning. Please know that you do not have to be a teacher nor have an expertise in our Orthodox faith; you just need a loving heart, a love for God and a love of children.