Every year, our community partakes in several fundraising activities and other events. Many of the proceeds from these events are used to make urgent repairs to our property and other improvements to our community. This page will highlight the projects that have been initiated and completed thanks to your generous stewardship, donations, and hard work.

Bell Tower Restoration project 2019

Our Bell Tower has been leaking for the past two decades. The Board of Trustees in 2019 decided to proceed with its restoration. Expected month of completion: May 2019.

Any donation counts.


On-Going Projects (as September 2022)

Iconography Restoration (2022)

Alter - Before

Alter - After


Church renovation project 

Under the leadership of Fr. Nicholas Pastrikos, the General Assembly in 2017 decided to proceed with the renovation of the church interior, by laying new floors and refurbishing the pews of the church. After the funds were collected, and under the leadership of Archimandrite Nektarios Cottros, we started the renovation project on June 25th, 2018.

Day 1

Day 2

Day 3 

Day 4



Gold Leafing of Church Dome and Cross
Due to wear and tear over the years, the small dome and cross that appears on the roof of the church was in need of renovation. In 2010, the dome and cross were coated with gold leafing, further beautifying the appearance of our church.



Church Roof Replacement

Due to wear and tear over the years, the roof over the church was in danger of leaking, putting our valuable and beautiful religious artifacts in jeopardy. In 2010, a new faux terra-cotta roof was installed, providing protection to our church for future generations .



Remodeling of Coat Room

Remodelling of the coat room was undertaken to provide a functional area to store coats during the cold season and to improve the appearance of the area leading into our church and community center.



Refurbishing of Main Entry Doors

Due to the direct exposure to the sun and years of neglect, the doors leading into the Narthex area of the church were in need of refurbishing. The doors were sanded and restained and stained glass panes were included on two of the doors, providing natural light into the Narthex.



Repaving and Striping of Parking Lot

The existing parking lot contained many potholes and did not have visible striping, making parking a difficult task during services. A thick layer of paving was installed, providing a solid base for years to come. The parking lot was striped to provide the maximum amount of spaces.



Classroom Window Replacement

Due to wear and tear, the windows in the classrooms were in need of replacement. The old windows were not energy efficient and were also leaking water during rainfalls, causing significant damage. New, energy efficient windows with built in blinds were installed



Replacement of Community Center Roof

The Community Center roof was in dire need of replacement. The leaks in the roof were causing significant water damage to the classrooms. As a result of the replacement, the water damage has been eliminated, saving the church future costs in repairs.



Church Rental Properties Repairs

Over the last three years, St. George has been renovating its rental properties. St. George has been able to significantly increase its rental income due to these renovations. Most of the costs of these renovations will be recouped by the increase in rent during 2009. As a result of these improvements, St. George will continue to receive this extra income for many years to come.



HVAC Upgrade

The HVAC units of the church were out dated and very inefficient. As a result, our monthly energy costs were extremely high. Two energy efficient HVAC units were installed that improved the climate control of our church, thus reducing the monthly energy costs.



Landscaping Improvements

Much of the landscaping surrounding the church had not been maintained over the years. As a result, the appearance of the church was adversely affected. In an effort to beautify the outside appearance of the church, landscaping improvements were made in various locations.


Other House and Grounds projects:

  1. Retaining wall - new parking lot project (completed)
  2. Church renovation (interior) (completed)
  3. Hallway renovation (completed)
  4. Church Windows Renovation (Frames) (completed)
  5. Church Beautification (decor paneling)
  6. Memorial Room Beautification
  7. Water improvement Project with Township for Riverview Ave/Kroeger Ave