Dear Parents of the Greek School at Saint George,

Below, please find information and documents about the Greek School Program.

Our 2023-24 Greek School program begins with a blessing at the church on Sunday, September 17th, 2023. The first day of school is on Monday, September 11th, 2023

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Please contact the church office at 732-463-1642 or email the office for further information.

Greek School Teachers (See Bios)

  • Toula Karamarkos
  • Chrysoula Plias
  • Katerina Kourti-Gavalas
  • Maria Striki (PhD)
  • Hariclea Christodoulou
  • Vicky Nikolettos

Greek School Committee

  • Very Reverend Nektarios Cottros, Presiding Priest
  • Maggie Stavrianidis - Chairperson
  • Katerina Makridaki-Rompos - Vice Chairperson
  • Georgette Boulegeris - Secretary
  • Dora Vasilatos-Hionis - Member
  • Toula Karamarkos - Member
  • Kosmas Kasimatis - Member
  • Eftychia Mattas - Member
  • John Papanastasiou - Member


Registration Information:

 Please note that before you can register for the Greek School Program you must be members in good standing of the Saint George Community and have fulfilled your stewardship obligation to the Church in full. The Saint George Community heavily subsidizes the Greek School program and as such we expect that you will also pay the tuition in full upon registration.

Please click here to fulfill your Stewardship obligation

For the school year 2023-24, children registered in Pre-K and Kindergarten in American School can register for the combined Pre-K and Kindergarten class in Greek School. Registrants for the Pre-K and Kindergarten classes must be toilet trained.

Children registered in 1st grade in American School will be registered for the introductory first grade (1A) in Greek School. Children registered in second grade in American School will be registered in the final first grade (1B) in Greek School. Class registration/assignments will be as follows:

American School

Greek School





First Grade

Introductory First Grade (1A)

Second Grade

Final First Grade (1B)

Third Grade

Second Grade

Fourth Grade

Third Grade

Fifth Grade

Fourth Grade

Sixth Grade

Fifth Grade

Seventh Grade

Sixth Grade

To ensure proper class assignment a copy of the Pre-K/Kindergarten application for American School must be submitted to the Church Office. For transfer students (and all other students, if necessary and upon request) a copy from the American School's on-line portal indicating the child's class placement must be submitted to the Church Office. Exceptions to the class assignment rules set forth above will be granted upon language skill evaluations by St. George Greek School teacher(s).


The annual tuition for each Greek School student is as follows: $400 for the 1st child, $350 for the 2nd child, $300 for the 3rd child, and $0 (free) for the 4th+ child.

For assistance with registration and information requests please contact the Church Office at 732-463-1642.

Attached please find the two forms that are required for Greek School registration:

  1. Greek School registration for 2023/24 year

  2. Greek School student information Sheet

Please complete both forms, scan them and submit back to church office via email. It’s important that we collect all the details of our students including parents’ email, cell phone number and emergency contact information. Note that all the communications with the parents are done electronically (via email and texts).



Donations of the following types of materials are needed and welcomed from the St. George Community for our Greek School's pre-Kindergarten classes:

  • Toy musical instruments
  • Map of Greece and Cyprus
  • A chart of the alphabet in Greek letters with numbers in Greek
  • Charts with shapes, colors, the weather, and seasons and their names in Greek
  • Markers with washable ink
  • Paint brushes
  • Washable paints
  • Papers for painting
  • Construction paper of different colors
  • Pencils for coloring and writing
  • Miniature theatre with dolls
  • Balls
  • Hula hoops
  • Toys
  • CDs with Greek children's songs and stories
  • General interest books (for example, history and geography) with pictures
  • General interest books with Greek text


Greek School - Greek Independence Day Celebration (2021)

Dear parishioners,

It is with great pleasure that I send you the link to this year’s Greek School program, in honor of the 200th Anniversary of Greece’s independence from the Ottoman yolk. This year’s program is being held virtually, due to the pandemic. We pray that this will be the last time that we are forced to have our Greek School program virtually.
Congratulations to our students for an excellent job.

+Archim. Nektarios 

Please click here to view updated version of Greek School presentation