The Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page is designed to provide information about our Church and answer questions about our religion.
Church Etiquette

    • Entering the main church from the Narthex: There are certain times during the Liturgy when you should not enter the Church. You may enter the Church at most times except when the Gospel is read, when the Priest takes the Communion around the Church (Great Entrance).
    • The Vigil Lights: As a general rule, vigil lights should not be brought to the front of the Church during the reading of the Gospel, the great entrance and when the priest preaches.
    • Receiving Holy Communion: Women should remove lipstick prior to receiving communion. There should be no talking as you approach the Priest and the Board's directions for receiving Holy Communion should be followed. Children first receive communion.
    • Other Things to Remember:
      • Do not chew gum in church
      • Do not cross legs
      • Turn off all cell phones, beepers and pagers
    • See here for preparation regarding Baptism at Saint George
    • See here for preparation regarding Marriage at Saint George

Have a question or want to know something about our Church? Please contact the Priest or a board member.

Understanding the Sacraments of the Orthodox Church click here.

Note: The information in "Understanding the Sacraments of the Orthodox Church" is sourced from the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese Website.